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This proposal was for the renovation of a house for the use of fewer occupants than the previous owners. The house had 5 bedrooms of various sizes and had been the subject of atleast one major renovation since its construction in the mid 1980’s.

The program for the house would be for a smaller family with just one college student daughter and provision for guests and extended family who may sleep over occasionally. The client requested a more spacious redistribution of the existing area for entertaining guests and everyday activities.

On the ground floor, the original narrow hallway and small bedrooms were opened up, with the hallway made into a bathroom for the new guest room which used to be a home office space. A new main door would open into the new foyer and entrance hallway.

The previous living room’s space was not clearly defined, and the TV room extension made the space feel less of a place and more of a passage way. The dining room was narrower than the living area and was too small for the client’s needs. Removing the old rooms and constructing a wall made it possible to define a proper living room area. A sliding door was installed to further define the space and provide privacy in the TV room. The new living room’s width was extended into the dining room to create a spacious atmosphere and to make the dining room proportional to the living room.

With the expansion of the dining room, the kitchen’s walls were also moved. The previous maid’s room and bathroom was much too long and these were shortened with the extra space given to the kitchen maintaining its original size. The redistribution of space made it more efficient and proportional for the client’s needs.

Located on the 2nd floor were the master’s bedroom and 2 smaller bedrooms. The master’s had its own toilet and walk in closet, while the 2 bedrooms shared a common toilet. A balcony that was protected by a wooden trellis opened from the hallway. Only 2 rooms were required, so one of the corner rooms was divided between the master’s bedroom and the daughter’s bedroom. Space that went to the master’s bedroom was converted into a massage area with sauna. Space that went to the daughter’s room was used to expand the old common toilet to accommodate a bathtub and a walk-in closet. The old balcony was enclosed and made into a hallway for the daughter’s room.

This proposal was an exercise in planning to make the house more spacious given the fewer occupants. The design solution entailed the removal of enclosures and rooms that were no longer needed, and proper proportioning and redistribution of area to arrive at more spacious layout. The approach allowed us to change the over- all feel and character of the space while still occupying roughly the same foot print of the original house.