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We start with the open lot.  The plans are done for this point, and everything that follows is unique for this one location.  It is here that we break ground.

After all the drawing of lines on paper, we draw the lines on the ground, the perimeter is fenced, and all the preparations are laid out for use.  Incidentally by this time, the bulk of the Architect’s design work is actually done and the supervision work that follows is intended to keep the work faithful to the intent.  The plans on paper, point the way for the grooves on the ground.

The work proceeds!  And it is messy, but organized,  digging for the bedrock which is the real foundation of the house, we rest upon the earth and proceed in the opposite direction.  Taking care as we have the bones of the structure come in, to have the smaller lines and pipes properly provisioned so that to be out of sight later on.

Its a race to the roof, as we hold the work apace with the good weather available.  The short term goal is to reach the roof level, as this shall shelter all the work that follows.  In the meantime the summer sun is blessing and bane, allowing the work to proceed, but making it hot for all involved.

We’ve got it covered!  The roof makes our collection of columns and beams a true shelter, the main consideration and requirement.  Now the numerous minute details that make a house a home come in.  Atleast now the weather holds us less and we proceed with the knowledge that we are halfway there.

Appropriately when the plaster & paint make the project a “white house” we are into finishing.  All the materials that will form the surfaces, walls and floors that we see everyday is approved and installed.  The lines that will allow, water, waste, electricity & data to permeate the spaces should all be in place ready for the final fixtures chosen by the client.

With the finish line and turn over in sight, everything is being readied.  All the colors are chosen, all the lights sent for installation.  Securing locks and windows are ongoing, and we prepare for the time when we exit the site and allow the house to fulfill its intent, to become a part of the place, to share the lot’s identity and to serve its users for as long as they intend it to.

Here’s the link to the design page- 2 Storey Residential with Lower Deck

Note:  The images above are part of the photodocumentation of all Eugene T. Mangubat & Associates projects.  These form part of an “image report” that is weekly submitted electronically to the client during construction.