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Houses, aside from maintenance, need some renovation after some time, possibly because of changes in function, users or external factors. The renovation of this house involved many of the same and some more requirements of the client. In this project an interior designer gave the initial direction to the renovation and provided the input for the placement of the furniture and lighting.

ContactSheet-002 copyThe client wished to re establish the main door as the primary entrance to the house. Due to storage issues and the original orientation from the garage, which was expanded from the original design, the main door had become hidden and ceased to become an element in the façade. There was also a wish to revitalize the look of the house from the road shifting to a more clean and fresh composition. This was done together with the following improvements.




ContactSheet-005 copy

In the interior the space was low following the style of the house, it was found that because of the structural rafters the ceiling could be redone to slope together with the roof to have greater height and provide greater space in the living and dining room. There was a newly vacant room as well that was to be incorporated into the dining and living room for greater space and flexibility. A cove light was done to create an indirect lighting solution for the taller space.




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Its main kitchen had grown small compared to the occupants it had to service to, and most everyday cooking was done in the utility kitchen adjacent to it. The client wanted a kitchen for themselves to use, which would accommodate additional storage and also allow to entertain visitors. The solution was to expand into the original foyer , but retain the original counter creating an island counter, the higher ceiling and cove light were also employed to match the adjacent space of the living room and dining room.

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As mentioned earlier, the previous main door and foyer location became the spaces into which the main kitchen expanded into. The remainder of the space became the powder room for visitors, this new powder room was decorated consistently with the existing motif of the household.

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A framed glass door which was used to separate the public and private areas of the house was moved back and its swing reversed because of the proximity of one of the bedroom doors.  The double wall was also removed, and a simple painted plaster wall from where paintings were hung took its place along the new dining room’s border.

ContactSheet-013 copy


To the house’s side, the two meter setback along the perimeter was being used as a laundry area and it was planned to relocate the function to the rear of the house, and in its place a lanai with grilles along the roof would be constructed. This space would allow for light and air to naturally come into the living room and could also become a spill over space when entertaining guests.

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ContactSheet-015 copyTo provide the air and light the capiz framed sliding doors were replaced with modern steel reinforced PVC sliding doors along the length of the living and dining room. And then the old doors were used as various enclosures in other parts of the house such as for the pump and water tank.



ContactSheet-016 copy

Viewing the space towards the front, the re-positioned main door, which allows entry from a new path walk serves as the focal entrance point and helps bridge the look from the old into the new.

Front After

Completing the renovation for the facade is the new skirt roof with clay tiles that was placed to protect the entrance from the afternoon sun and provide the face of the house. Dark brown stone was used as accents on the posts and on the garage to create a contrast between the white walls, achieving a fresh look for the composition.
Together with the renovation, upgrades to the house’s electricity, storm water systems, security and accommodations were done giving it the extended life and value that the owners and their family would enjoy for many years to come.


Interiors by: Anna Luisa Zavalla

MEP by: Engr Rolando Nicdao

Gencon: Engr Arthur Sarmiento