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Front Elevation

In each chapter of life, we have a dream. For the clients, a marketing executive in a technology company and a teacher of Literature,they dreamed to build a house that will cater to their needs and requirements, especially with their two sons who are fast growing up.

They acquired a lot in Bacoor, Cavite which faced north and the morning sun fell on the left side of the property.  The Site is elevated approximately seventy centimeters with a large difference in elevation from left to right. A height restriction of nine meters from the highest corner monument was indicated in the subdivision design guidelines. The style of the house was restricted to Mediterranean or Simple Contemporary.

The plan was driven by a living and dining room with the staircase dividing the space and a large picture window which faced the morning sun. The Client required three bedrooms plus one guest nook with provisions for a main kitchen, utility kitchen, two-car garage and a garden. Storage areas were considered, therefore the design utilized several spaces such as the underside of the stairs and the attic.  A Dutch Gable style was used for the roof to give the over all design, character. Moreover, grooves, grilles and simple moldings atop the windows were set to further accentuate the aesthetic of the house. A roof deck was placed above the garage and provided a lookout for the client.

3 View of Ceiling-Dining

Cove Lights

1 View of Ceiling-Dining

Cove and Pendant

2 View of Ceiling-Dining

Pendant and Accent Lights

Different lighting fixtures which when turned on by themselves or in combination provided ambiance. Thus, it produced different moods that enhanced the quality of the space.  The use of accent colors as requested by the client, created a variety of personality in the spaces. The flooring and other wood textures created a warm and cozy feeling while the white walls and ceiling created the impression of space and embodied cleanliness and tranquility hence, creating not just a house but a home for the client.