Lets Narrow it Down, House on a Slender Lot

Cutting for the last notebook with the last remaining plastic wrapper is often times a challenge, the same when you’re trying to fit a large book into a slender plastic bag at the bookstore, narrow provisions often are not enough for the job at hand.  A narrow lot or site is no different, but creative... Continue Reading →


Single Storey Renovation

Houses, aside from maintenance, need some renovation after some time, possibly because of changes in function, users or external factors. The renovation of this house involved many of the same and some more requirements of the client. In this project an interior designer gave the initial direction to the renovation and provided the input for... Continue Reading →

Simple Condo Fit Out

With rising land prices and increasing population in the cities, condominium or ‘condo’ living has become widespread.  Even in the predominantly low rise subdivision communities where two storey houses had been the norm, high rise condominiums by the major developers have been finding inroads to cater to: the children of first movers of the community,... Continue Reading →

Condo Design Story

Driving around the densely populated centers of Metro Manila, it's impossilble not to see condos everywhere of all shapes and sizes. Even in my stomping grounds, the southern side of the city, where wide subdivisions and single detached households are dominant, there are mid to high rise buildings making inroads changing the cityscape. In the... Continue Reading →

Baclaran Church Is Waiting

The extraordinary escapes us because they're in plain sight, or have become common place because we see them so often.  Through many trips to the the National Shrine of Our Mother of Perpetual Help or Baclaran Church as its locally known, you get used to the large Nave filled figuratively to the rafters during Sundays... Continue Reading →

Returning Home

In architectural practice we meet clients of differing needs and requirements, and its up to us to come up with a program, vocabulary and vision for the edifice they wish for us to design. The clients in this case were a new a typology to our young practice, they are the successful senior professionals who... Continue Reading →

House Design Story

House Design Story I was referred to the client by the contractor of another project I was working on. And referrals are always a great thing for architects, or for anyone in the service industry. It means they like what you're doing and inspires you to do better because its positive feedback on your work.... Continue Reading →

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