Raise The Roof!

A professor once told a class, it doesnt matter if you're afraid of heights, when you need to, you will have to check your roof. Years later this writer considers these words, as one negotiates a roof during inspection. Most times you just try not to fall, and not damage anything on the way down.... Continue Reading →


Condo Design Story

Driving around the densely populated centers of Metro Manila, it's impossilble not to see condos everywhere of all shapes and sizes. Even in my stomping grounds, the southern side of the city, where wide subdivisions and single detached households are dominant, there are mid to high rise buildings making inroads changing the cityscape. In the... Continue Reading →

Site Visit#2

It started to rain and I had forgotten to wear my dependable site jeans. With hot weather it's the perfect condition to start digging around at a site, but if you happen to find yourself still digging when the rains come in, you'll be hard pressed in following your construction schedule. So at this point... Continue Reading →

Car Shop Hop Final Site Visit

After a few months the Car Shop Hop is substantially complete and operational. Most of the interior spaces were finished ahead of the exterior because of factors like the weather, rains that impeded the completion finally let up earlier in the month, and sunny weather finally permitted pictures to be taken. As a commercial structure... Continue Reading →

House Design Story

House Design Story I was referred to the client by the contractor of another project I was working on. And referrals are always a great thing for architects, or for anyone in the service industry. It means they like what you're doing and inspires you to do better because its positive feedback on your work.... Continue Reading →

Kitchen Design for a Rest House

The kitchen in the house is very important.  It is where food is stored and prepared as well as all the implements necessary kept, these items do not just have a function but emotional value to the owners of the residence.  Which makes a kitchen, atleast in a home, more than a room with tools... Continue Reading →

A “Lot” You Should Know

Building on Your Lot? As a lot owner there's a slew of  info you should know. Finally you have your own lot.  Perhaps you’re a first time lot owner in your dream exclusive subdivision, or an up and coming project manager with your first assignment for the corporate headquarters in the city, or you’re the... Continue Reading →

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