-Roof installed, finishing begins

When the roof is secure, and with  downspouts installed, the finishing stage of the construction can begin.  “Finishing” is the term used for the stage when materials like paint, tiles, ceilings and others are starting to come into the site.  Its important that the roof is in place, because the finishing cannot start when the surfaces are still exposed to wind & rain.

The walls are painted with a primer base, which are sanded and made smooth by hand before the final top coats.  The ceilings are also fastened to their support frames, and the electrical wires left visible for later installation of lights.  Prior to the final installation of the ceiling material, sometimes the water pipes are tested so that leaks and problem areas can be identified.  Concrete topping for the floors are also poured if necessary.  Other items like the window and railings are fabricated and installed, specially if their placement is needed for the installation of other materials.

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