Residential – 2 Storey with Lower Deck Proposal

This proposal for a 2 storey rest house with lower deck was for a location  south of Manila.  It had a view towards the south, taken advantage of by the spacious veranda and large sliding doors at the living room.  The same vista can be seen through windows from the 2nd floor.  Majority of the bedrooms have been provided with balconies to take in the fresh air.  The subdivision where the property is located has a design requirement for ‘California Mission’ type designs, by taking the basics of this style, like color & roof treatment, a balance was struck with the client’s requirements for clean and minimalist lines.

Interior studies were also done to present an over all feel for the project, as well as to allow for the design of the utilities and other requirements.  Ultimately an interior designer shall take over development.  The requirements for the extended family of the client and the requirements of a Feng Shui consultant were all considered.

In making the plans for the house, requirements from the geomancer were incorporated as per the client’s request.  These included proper placement of utilities particularly the elements like, water, wind, fire; placement of entrance to rooms; positioning of  beds; and the relationship of each rooms occupants with one another as defined by birthday and other parameters.  Together with requirements from the client regarding simplicity, efficiency & modern lines below was the resulting plan:


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