Residential: 4Bedroom 2 Storey House Exercise

4 Bedroom, 2 Storey House Exercise



This is an exercise for a house on a medium size lot (around 180 to 200 square meters).

Public and utility areas are grouped together on the ground floor, while the private/exclusive areas are on the 2nd floor.

The living room and the dining room is made as one continuous space, with the kitchen extending towards the side, at a right angle.  This positioning allows the kitchen to be hidden from the living room, but keeping the continuity once the dining room is reached.  The lanai acts as a spill over space for the dining room and provides ventilation across the ground floor.  Maid’s room & guest room are provided with their own bathrooms to the rear.

Most of the bedrooms were placed towards the north avoiding the sun’s southern tilt, and located on the corners to provide for cross ventilation.  The main staircase is provided for ease of access, and for short hallways.

There is a 2 car garage in front which becomes a utility area towards the kitchen.  A bike stand can be provided next to the main door for neighborhood transportation.  Typical code lot setbacks have been observed.

This efficient and flexible plan can be rendered in the Filipino-Mediterranean style or the Simple-Modern style, accented with brick or  stones allowing for a balance in surfaces that can be painted and upgraded over the years, with areas that can age and impart character to the home.

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