Residential: Proposed House Renovation

Residential: House Renovation

A proposed renovation of an existing house built in 1986.  Among the challenges were the re-planning of the interior space to suit the needs of fewer occupants as well as strengthening the existing structural components.  Because of age the other utilities like power and water will have to be reviewed.  The exterior will not be updated just for styling,  rather the placement of new windows will be done to maximize the new  spaces, the new treatments installed for shading, protection & to help extend the life of the house.  The following are the images of the very last Architect’s site visit & Client’s House warming.
Main Door viewed from Interior
View of Living Room
Veranda at Night
View of Main Kitchen
View of Dining Area
View of Main Stair from 2nd floor
Finally the main door from the supplier, and the glass canopy from the fabricator were installed completing the look from the front elevation.  All the accent wall treatments like wall paper and textured panels were delivered, installed and finished as per the interior designer’s requirements.  With final activation of the heaters,  delivery and installation of the main bathtubs, the bathrooms are ready for use.  The iron rails serve as accent point for the 2nd floor staircase.  The rooms which have been cleaned and cleared are ready to accept all the furniture.  It is hoped that the client will spend many joyful years in their new home.

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