Services Offered:

-Standard Architect’s Design Services

-Physical Planning Conceptualization & Development

-CAD encoding & Sketchup Modeling


Standard Architect’s Design Services

Standard architect’s design services is the sequence of work phases wherein he or she translates the owner’s needs and requirements to spaces and forms delivered in the best manner of professional service that can be rendered.

These work phases are:

Schematic Design Phase-its purpose is to develop an approach, an idea that synthesizes all the information about the client and the site into an arrangement of spaces that responds to all the issues, meets all the requirements, and can be refined into a building.

Design Development Phase-its goal is to refine the design prepared in the schematic design phase so that every design decision necessary to build the project is considered.  All the building engineering systems must be designed completely enough so all the architectural implications of each part of the building designed by the consultants are known so that construction documents can be produced.

Contract Documents Phase-is the biggest phase of the architect’s work, this is where the documents that describe clearly and precisely what is to be built are made.

Construction Phase-is the phase wherein the architect, depending on the arrangements with the client, helps in the selection of the contractor, makes decisions on matters relating to the execution of the work at the site, and makes periodic site visits to determine whether the work is proceeding in accordance to the Contract Documents.

Physical Planning Conceptualization & Development

Physical planning conceptualization & development pertains to the art and science of ordering the use of the land and placement of the buildings and communication routes to secure the maximum practicable degree of economy, social amenities & aesthetics.

CAD Encoding & Sketchup Modeling

With numerous requirements on architects & designers we can offer our skills and capabilities as CAD encoders and Sketchup modelers at competitive prices and in compliance with your own office standards.


-definitions sourced from: United Architects of the Philippines Document 202 & 203 copyright 1979,  Professional Practice by Paul Segal FAIA copyright 2006

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